Photo proof of SXSW

As we are up here in Toronto having a blast during Canadian Music Week, I had a few minutes to put up a few more pics from SXSW while the guys are out running around at various shows.  Canada has some kickass music, we’ll have pics from our adventures up here soon.  – Ro

Gav and Cobi @ HP Cloud Services party

My Secret Boston party

with Adam Duritz of Counting Crows – @countingcrows

Ok so this is actually us at the NSN Festival a few days before SXSW


We’re having an amazing time out here – come check us out tonight! We’ll be playing a MySecretBoston showcase at:

Six Lounge
319 Colorado Street
5 PM

Havin a blast in Big Tex.

This morning was a good time doin a lil on-air piece in Corpus Christi, via 96.5 The Beach. Tonight, we’re performing a rare broken-down acoustic set presented by The Beach. Believe it or not, underneath our badass tough guy exteriors, we have a soft side. Who knew?